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Cheryl OBrien developed her program for test preparation in 1991, beginning at first with SATs and PSATs. She later examined tests such as the ACT, SAT 2s, SSAT, ISEE, COOP, Accuplacer, IOWA Tests, GRE, GMAT, LSAT, all Regents and common core subjects, and developed programs specific to each exam. Her program focuses on the strategies necessary to be successful with the test being taken and, because of the logic inherent in the program, it is, therefore, easily understood.

Because each student or group is different, the program is designed for flexibility and is not a prescribed program as with other companies. There is latitude to begin at whatever level the student or population is presently working and to move upward from there. The pace is determined by how quickly the student(s) absorb the material.

There is homework involved, and all material, whether lesson plan content or homework is College Board material for the SATs or ACTs. No other company's content is used. Students are sent home after each lesson with sections of actual tests so that they may practice the strategies they have been taught. At the beginning of each subsequent lesson, the sections are scored so that everyone involved can see in black and white, how they are progressing. This offers parent, student, and instructor the information to make the most valuable use of our time together. We all know which areas still need more focusing on, and which of those topics do not. In the critical reading sessions, vocabulary is sent home on an ongoing basis so that the learning of words that show up frequently can be paced.

Sessions are available on a private, semi-private, or small group basis. Small group instruction consists of groups with 4-8 students based on a number of factors so that students are not placed with others who will move too slowly or too quickly for them. Normally, students will come for two hours per week to cover all of the topics necessary to be successful with the exam, however, there is the flexibility for more or fewer hours in order to meet any student's needs.

Private sessions with tutors are $85 per hour and $60 per person per hour for semi-private sessions. Group hours are $45 per person per hour or $85 per person for a contiguous two hour block. Private sessions with Cheryl are available for $125 per hour and semi-private sessions are available for $95 per person per hour. Private sessions may be held at our office or via Facebook video or Skype. Group sessions and semi-privates are held at our Suffern, NY location. Payment for sessions are due at the beginning of each session and are payable by check or cash. As it is a "pay as you go situation", you are not obligated to continue if dissatisfied for any reason. International or long distance sessions are billed and payments may be mailed in or transferred into our bank account with the client paying for any additional fees to complete the transaction.

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